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Solar Gate Systems supply a Brushless design of motor and ram developed by the Italian company, Roger Technology. This is right at the cutting edge of a high tech, super efficient design which is perfect for solar use in the UK.

Minimal power requirement ( up to 200% less than some systems currently marketed as ‘solar friendly’ ) achieved through brushless motor design, the latest totally digital control boards, and now Smart MPPT solar chargers are all pre-requisites for a successful solar powered system to give total year round operation in the UK.

Solar Gate Systems have carried out extensive research to maximise the winter solar harvest and uniquely supply our bespoke 23 degree Winter Harvesting ® solar panel mounting brackets, very unlike the traditional angle of 50 degrees which is fine for summer harvesting but very poor for winter. When installing, we establish where SOLAR SOUTH is on your property which is NOT the same as magnetic south, to again maximise the solar harvest.

We also run our solar system at 24volts DC which gives a greater efficiency (can be as much as 50% increase) over those systems running at just 12 volts DC.

JANUS BR20/550 Brushless motor

Designed to operate over 1000 times per day, (in fact there is a motor in the factory which has achieved over 6,000,000 cycles) this super efficient motor is our most popular seller, operating on well hinged gates up to 5mts in length. Can be solar or mains powered.

Included in the above kit are 2 hand held key remotes, a flashing amber warning led lamp when the gate is moving and a pair of wireless photo cells.


JUNO BE20/250 Brushless motor

ram3With a design capability of over 800 cycles per day, this smaller motor is the one seen on our Demo gate set up and is ideal for a double gate set up and smaller gates up to 3mts. Can be solar or mains powered.

Included in the above kit are 2 hand held key remotes, a flashing amber warning led lamp when the gate is moving and a pair of wireless photo cells.

Solar Power Pack

Our solar power pack consists of a GRP lockable control box to prevent condensation build up, digital control board housing the latest state of the art Victron 24 volt Smart MPPT solar controller with two AGM Deep Cycle batteries. Two solar panels supply 24 volts fixed on our bespoke  23 degree Winter Harvesting ® brackets, all mounted on a sturdy galvanised pole.

24 volt solar panels

24 volt solar power panels with our bespoke 23 degree Winter Harvesting ® brackets to maximise winter sun harvesting

Low level solar panels

Low level solar panels an option where possible

GMT 200S telephone control system

Up to 200 numbers, landline or mobile, can be stored in the system so that any number on your ‘Guest List’ can open your gate. There are NO ongoing contracts or call charges as the call is dropped when the number is recognised. Telephone numbers can be easily added or deleted by texting the revisions to the gate so totally maintaining your security. You can open your gate from literally anywhere in the world!

‘Tradesman’s’ access push button

The push button is set to be ‘live’ during working hours only, allowing access to deliveries happening throughout the working day. At nightime and during weekends, the button is non active.

Exit/Entrance sensor

Sensing the change in magnetic field when a vehicle approaches, the exit/entrance sensor can simply be installed in the verge next to your drive, so there is no need for expensive digging to install induction loops in your driveway. Animals or pedestrians will not trigger the sensor.

Timer, 24/7 day

This allows you to programme the opening and closing of your gate automatically at pre-set hours, which can vary on each day of the week. The timer is located very handily on the inside door of the control box door making it very easy to adjust timings if required. The timer can also be linked to the exit sensor and a push button,

Goliath solenoid lock

With a holding force of over 2,000lbs, this lock certainly lives up to its name! The lock snaps shut, and is opened by a solenoid which activates half a second before the gate opens. It has a Yale type key for emergency unlocking and the hasp has over 50mm of free play movement designed to cope with a sagging gate.

The lock can even be attached to the gate as below, which avoids the need to dig a duct between the gateposts.

Goliath solenoid lock

Goliath solenoid lock

Farm Security Barriers

We can supply steel barriers which can be opened, closed and locked through solar power giving a new level of security in the remotest of locations.

Farm security barrier

Solar Powered Farm Security Barrier


New projects

We also have developed exiting new projects such as these solar charged clay pigeon traps operating at the Honesberie Shooting Ground, Southam, Warks.

Honesberie Shooting

Clay pigeon traps now solar powered using our 23 degree Winter Harvesting® brackets.

Eco Friendly