Electric gates in Somerset


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Solar powered gate openers are now a real alternative to automatic electric gates in Somerset and Solar Gate Systems supply and fit right across the Somerset area.

These gates are designed especially for use in the UK and work perfectly with the light levels available in Somerset, enabling you to install an automatic farm or driveway gate in the remotest of locations! After extensive testing in the UK, Solar Gate System supplied solar powered gate openers are the real Green alternative using endless free energy from the sun.

Solar Gate Systems are now able to supply a solar gate system to suit gates and barriers  up to 7 metres in length, whether single or double systems, metal or wooden gates, thanks to our latest JUPITER range of 36v brushless motors.

Our GMT 300S system allows you to open your automatic gate using a mobile or land line phone. 300 telephone numbers can be stored in the system and are very easily added or deleted. There are NO call charges either!

Solar powered farm gate installed at a remote farm in Somerset

A bespoke design, a strong 16ft farm gate in Hinton Charterhouse, Bath, powered by solar.

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Like to see our automatic solar gates in action? Watch a video of our solar powered gate.