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Wooden and Galvanised Farm Gates

Remote farm gates in Staffs, now solar powered

Remote farm gate in Staffs, now solar powered

From five bar wooden farm gates to multi bar galvanised farm gates, we are now able to give you full electric automation literally anywhere you like, however remote, due to our solar powered systems developed specially for use in the UK

Designed to fit almost every type of farm gate, up to 5 mts length, mains electricity availability is no longer a requirement to ensure that your gate is closed at all times or at those times to suit your operation.

With the latest generation of high efficiency solar panels, so called ‘moonlight panels’, and our range of BRUSHLESS ram motors, we have successfully developed a solar powered gate system for the UK delighting our many happy customers. Our Winter Harvesting┬« solar power plant ensures that right through the winter period you can rely on our system.

These days unfortunately, an open gate is a clear invitation to criminals. Watch BURGLAR BILL video here.

New farm entrance, no mains available, June 2016

New farm entrance, no mains available. Full automation using solar power, June 2016

We have a complete range of opening methods to suit every situation as we know there is no such thing as a “standard set-up”; from hand held keyfobs; vehicle sensing on entrance and/ or exit; coded wireless keypads; timed push buttons; and telephone opening with our GMT 200S number phone system which enables you to store up to 200 mobile and/or landline numbers, any of which can open the gate. All accessories are developed specifically for solar use and can all be used on a mix and match basis to suit your particular needs.

In fact, it is possible to add accessories to your Solar Gate system in the future if you find that your situation changes.

Over 120 openings per day using solar power

High usage farm gate with over 120 daily openings, at a training yard, Northants.

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