National Trust use Solar Gate Systems

National Trust use Solar Gate Systems to install a solar powered gate opening system right on top of The White Cliffs of Dover!

Secured solar powered gates for the National Trust

Having only recently bought the actual White Cliffs, the National Trust wanted to install a new locked gate. Daily summer access for up to 50 daily volunteers and staff is required, so a padlock and chain was just too impractical. With Mains power being over 3 miles away, they turned to Solar Gate Systems for the solution.

Using our unique Winter Harvesting® solar panels, Smart MPPT solar chargers and state of the art Brushless motors a solution was found. The snap shut, solenoid release GOLIATH lock kept the gate locked and the GMT 200S phone system allowed access to the 100+ users.

The system can be seen in the photo above, with France just visible in the background!